Therapeutic Solutions

OyaGen is a preclinical drug discovery and development company focused on identification of novel therapeutic indications for infectious diseases and cancer. The Company’s business model is to IND-enable lead compounds for licensing to or partnering with industrial leaders for clinical development.

Fee For Service

OyaGen’s extensive experience with drug discovery from assay development to screening and mechanistic studies are also available as fee-for-service to academia and industry partners looking to leverage their novel targets into a drug discovery effort.

Groundbreaking Discoveries

Groundbreaking discoveries of novel therapeutic solutions are essential for the health of the global community. These are made possible through both the realization of therapeutic needs by those with broad basic science knowledge and technical skills that support ideation and validation of novel drugs and drug targets with disease mechanisms. OyaGen’s academic roots have enabled both exploratory research that has led the validation of novel drug targets and lead compounds for antiviral therapeutics.

Rigor and Reproducibility

Commercial Services

OyaGen offers method development and testing as a fee-for-service to academic and educational institutions and to industry. OyaGen staff will provide expert consulting services in assay development, biochemistry, structural biology, cell biology and virology for high throughput drug discovery and drug development as well as advice in preparing federal grants.

OyaGen's Goals

OyaGen’s business model is to deliver new therapeutic solutions to the pharma industry for clinical development and commercialization for next-generation therapeutics.

OyaGen has High Content Screening (HCS) aspirations. We plan to expand our screening capablities with new instrumentation that enables HCS.

The Company intends to utilize our HTS expertise to expand assay development to target multiple infectious diseases, cancers, and other underserved diseases.

OyaGen seeks collaborators who need assay development and drug discovery services. The Company hopes to raise $50M to finalize preclinical development of its HIV lead and conduct Phase I & II clinical trials. The Company welcomes proposals for M&A.

Breakthrough Research

OyaGen Success


Addressing the need for a new first-in-class HIV therapeutic with potential for cure and prevention.

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OyaGen developed Oya1 as a highly potent compound that prevents the spread of infection of Coronaviruses

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Oya1 originally was first discovered as broad microbicide and an Ebola antiviral.

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Invest In The Future

OyaGen has raised more than $26 M over the past 19 years from investments, federal and state research grants, research contract and consulting agreements and from licensing one of its lead compounds. We are currently seeking to ~$50M to take complete IND-enabling studies for our HIV lead (O2-16) and complete phase I and phase II clinical trials.