Fee For Service

75 Years of Collective Experience

Development & Testing

OyaGen offers method development and testing as a fee-for-service to academic and educational institutions and to industry. OyaGen staff will provide expert consulting services in assay development, biochemistry, structural biology, cell biology and virology for high throughput drug discovery and drug development as well as advice in preparing federal grants. OyaGen prides itself of the rigor and reproducibility of its science stemming from 75 years of collective experience that has been vetted through numerous peer reviewed publications and successful grant applications.

Meeting Our Client's Needs

As a fee-for-service OyaGen will work with clients to design services that meet the needs of clients. These include but are not limited to:

Planning of critical path for assay development that spans the client’s goals

Assistance in establishing and optimizing cell-based or defined in vitro assays

Quantifying and validating drug effects on targets (EC50/EC90)

Quantification of Proteins, RNA and DNA

Assessing cell proliferation and cell death

Determining subcellular localization of biomolecules

Pseudotyped HIV infectivity testing

Viral RNA enrichment from cells with DNA oligo tiling and pull downs

Cell-based and in vitro mechanistic studies with multiple biophysical and molecular techniques

Understanding funding opportunity and consulting for grant writing

Peer review of manuscripts prior to submission