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High Through-put Facilities
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Synergy 4 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader


  • Take3 Multi Volume Plate
  • 16 position nanodrop for: Protein, DNA, RNA and fluorescence quantification
  • filter set for 96 and 384 well plate reading, probe for mCherry
  • Plate stacker for high through-put capacity

Filter sets for:

  • GFP (Ex. 485/BP20, Em. 528/BP20)
  • mCherry (Ex. 575/BP, Em. 620/BP15)
  • Cy5/Alexa fluor 647 (Ex. 620/BP40, Em. 680/BP30)

Dichroic mirrors for:

  • GFP (510 nm)
  • Cy5/Alexa fluor 647 (660 nm)

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Wallac 1420 Victor3 Multilabel Counter

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Victor3 manual